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6 Extremely Useful Firefox Addon For Bloggers


As a blogger and as a user of the popular Firefox web browser,i discovered recently that Firefox web browser is the best for me.It makes my blogging and other web browsing experience smooth and efficient.At first i discovered the Firefox screenshoot ,which makes  screen grabbing lot more easier than i ever thought,and since my first encounter with  Firefox screenshoot,i  have found other firefox addons which makes me more productive in my blogging career

Presented below are few of the important Firefox addons which can be really useful to bloggers


This is a popular and must have Firefox add-on for bloggers ,it is especially useful for google adsense publishers..Adblock  integrates with Firefox  put a blockage to all form of advert  and also blocks all known malware while you enjoy your web browsing experience.If you are an adsense publisher who cares about the effect of generating fake impression,then this add-on should not pass you bye.It is compatible with Google AdSense ,Yahoo DoubleClick ,It also blocks the Google Analytics tracking script


Seoquake is another useful add on you must consider installing as a blogger.It saves you alot of stress trying to get information such as PR,age,Alexa rank e.t.c of a domain.It is especially useful if you want to investigate  many important seo parameters of your domain and that of your competitors

page rank for Firefox

Page rank for Firefox is a cool Firefox add on which displays in real time the page rank of web pages.Page rank for Firefox tracks and display Google page rank of any current web page.This add on is as  fast and accurate as  Google page rank checker as it fetches its data directly from Google server



Skipscreen  skips through unnecesssary advert ladden pages.It skips advert pages like rapidshare, 4Shared, zShare, Mediafire, and more.Why waste your precious time waiting for count down on advert pages when a firefox addon can do just that for you

ScribeFire Next 4.0

ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your  firefox browser and lets you easily post to your blog. With
ScribeFire,you can  drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, upload images, and post to multiple blogs.

WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger, Drupal, Moveable Type, Tumblr, Xanga and many others are all supported  blogging services that are compatible with ScribeFire


Firefox screenshot

Firefox screen shot captures the whole screen  or visible area of a web page and uploads it to the screenshot online storage all for free.adds a small screenshot capture button to the top right of your browser.

These are just the few extremely useful Firefox add on for bloggers.If you know any other add-ons that deserves a place in this list, tell us about it via the comments section.

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