As it has been the case for several years now, mobile technology is set to expand and develop significantly over the course of 2013. While it already constitutes a large and influential part of most people’s lives, with both work-related and personal applications, 2013 should see mobile use increase even further, with new exciting and pioneering ideas pushing the physical and digital boundaries of mobile technology. Here are just a handful of the top mobile trends likely to making a splash in 2013.

smartphones in 2013

HMTL5 Domination

HTML5 is a mark-up language that is predicted to dominate the smartphone market during the course of 2013. The language, which allows its users to interact with websites, audio and video files and games using a new source code, has been optimized for low-power devices and is thus perfectly suited for use with smartphones. With estimated sales of HTML5 smartphones set to top 1 billion in 2013, this trend is certainly one to watch.

Single Operating Systems

Though we are unlikely to see firm results for a few years, another trend that will continue to develop over the course of 2013 involves the development of a single, core operating system that will work on both mobiles and laptops, giving users a completely integrated experience. While Apple, Microsoft and other smaller players such as Ubuntu are working on the concept of synchronized operating systems, a universal one for all devices is not likely to become a concrete reality for some time.

Handset Developments

As mobile use soars, mobile users demand more and more from their physical handsets. So, in a continuation of past trends, 2013 will see the arrival of several new handset innovations that may completely revolutionize the way in which we use our mobiles. 2013 is set to reveal a new trend for unbreakable, five-inch and even flexible screens. Furthermore, in the future, dropping your iPhone into a puddle may no longer be an issue thanks to the arrival of a new waterproof surface coating known as Liquipel.

The End of the computer?

While PCs have been a mainstay of most households for many years, experts are predicting that 2013 will see an increase in the number of individuals choosing to dump their computers once and for all. With smartphones becoming evermore sophisticated and smartphone sales increasing exponentially, is this the end of the line for the traditional computer? Some believe so. If you don’t own a smartphone yet check a free classifieds website to find one at a great price.

Greener Phones

As we all look to become more environmentally friendly in the way we behave and consume, the mobile industry is, albeit slowly, developing some greener solutions itself. A more eco-friendly trend aimed towards using recycled parts to create a new breed of smartphone has begun, though it remains in its early stages.

As you can see, mobile technology will make some inevitable advances over the course of 2013. With growing trends in HTML5, single operating systems, handset development and sustainable manufacturing growing in importance, will this be the year when many of us wave goodbye to our traditional PCs? Only time will tell.

On a closing note ,i had love to ask do you think the smartphone era will mark the  end of the line for the traditional computer? Lets gets your feedback

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