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How To Upload WordPress Theme And Plugins Using Filezilla FTP



When i first moved my blog over from blogger to WordPress,the version i used which is the current version lacked the inbuilt means of uploading themes and plugins downloaded from outside the WordPress.As a practical newbie ,i never knew what an FTP is nor how to use it in uploading themes and plugins until a friend made mention of it to me.I successfully uploaded the them following his instruction.There are many newbie blogger who are in the same situation with me,so here is a guide that will teach you on the process of uploading themes and plugins through ftp like fileZilla and the likes.

For the purpose of this post,we shall be using Filezilla.Filezilla is a free FTP program which you can use to upload themes and plugins from your local computer  to your WordPress blog through your web host.

  • Follow the steps below to get you started
  • First download the free FTP from the net,then launch the programme once installed
  • Then proceed to configure your free Filezilla to connect to the web
  • To configure your Filezilla,locate and select file tab,then site manager
  • A file manager window will pop up,select/click on new  site
  • Enter a memorable name for the new connection ,follow by your FTP detail
  • Your FTP details is to be provided by your web host,just login to your control panel to obtain the login details
  • If you are sure you entered the correct FTP login details correctly,click on connect
  • If the connection is successful,you should see your website folders on the right hand side of the program,while the left hand side is filled with program on your   local folder .One of the folder visible in the FTP right hand side is the website main directory,typically referred to as  “public_html”,it is in the folder your WordPress files is located.Inside the “public_html,you can find “wp-content”.This is the file where you will find you “Plugins” folder as well as your “Themes” folders.
  • In order for you to upload a new theme or plugin,download your preferred theme/plugin,unzip it to a folder on your desktop,then drag the folder into the theme folder or the plugin folder as the case may be.Wait for some seconds for the upload to complete until you see a success message at the down part of  your FTP program.
  • Now go to your WordPress admin dashboard===>> appearance===>>theme ,and then activate.
  • To activate your uploaded plugin,locate WordPress admin dashboard===>>plugin===>>installed plugin ,locate the particular plugin and the activate.

And that’s all there is to installing a new WordPress theme using the Filezilla FTP client and changing the appearance of your WordPress blog.

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