TECNO N3:Affordable And Must Have Andriod Phone For All Africans

An android phone is a Smartphone based on goggles’ open source Android operating system. The first Android-powered phone was sold in October 2008, but today we now have dozens and dozens of different android powered phones in the mobile phone market today. Some big names involved in the manufacture of android based phones include but not limited to HTC, Motorola, and Samsung, including all of the major cellular carriers in US and selected few in Africa.
Currently, android phones are the best brand of phone in the mobile market and also the most patronized brands. This probably accounts for their high price so high that most Africans cannot afford them, making price-friendly platforms like Symbian and even BlackBerry more popular.However,with the release of low cost Samsung  android phones like galaxy pocket, the trend is gradually been reversed. Although Samsung low cost android phone is still on the high side compare to Techno series of android phone, the N3 and T3.
Now talking about the subject matter affordable android phone for an average African I would have gone with Samsung galaxy pocket if not for the price which is slightly higher than new Techno series that I will be discussing here
Techno N3 and T3 for as at the time of writing this post is the most affordable android phone in the African continent. Presented below is their specification
Os: Android 2.3.5
Network: 2G + 3G network (Dual Sim)
Band: Gsm900/dcs1800/wcdma2100mhz
Dimension: 115*62*11.7mm
Display: 3.5″ capacitive touch screen
Resolution: 320*480 (HVGA)
Processor: 800MHZ
Camera: 3.0 MP
Video: MP4, 3GP
Memory: 512MB + 256MB, 8G microSD (up to 32G)
Messaging & SNS: Facebook
Connectivity: WIFI/AP, Bluetooth 3.0, USB, 3.5 Ear jack.
Battery capacity: 1400mAh
Sensor: G-sensor
Voice Recording/Video Recording, Alarm/Memo, Google Play.
With the above features i think the Techno android series is really worth giving a trial.I personally have mine already,so i recommend you go for one and experience the power of android .
Have you had any experience,commendation or complains about this phone? lets know you thought in the comment session

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83 Replies to “TECNO N3:Affordable And Must Have Andriod Phone For All Africans”

  1. Cooper

    Thank u very much 4 ur reply to my question, that I asked how files could be moved from phone’s memory of Tecno T3 to its memory card. Does ur answer apply to Tecno N3?

  2. kingstone kelvin

    mind is telin me insuficient space when ever am abt 2 download.but my space is still up 2 5gb.what am i 2 do?.cause it bothering me

  3. kelvin kingstone

    i did move all my appz n gamez.but my internal memory is still low..n3 is one of d latest in market and i like..whatz the latest game?

  4. samuel

    you mentioned the N7 wats d price tag nd explain its features nd location of stores around d capital territory where i can get one. thanks

  5. erisamba

    If it requires 4 driver it means u r an old stuff on ur system( windows xp) or so. Wch z nt pnp (plug n play) go 4 win7 or 8 it will wrk without driver. If prsit, go2 techno office nearest 2u n get or install ur driver

  6. richie

    Mine is T3 but the camera stop working! And the message i got each time i try open my camera is the android some thing stop working that i shld try again. Pls wat do i do abt it?

    • Ige Orhionkpaibima

      Major differences?hum..I can say samusung andriods like galaxy tab u ,samsung galaxy s3 etc are all high end andriod phones why the tecno andriods are low end.Basically they run the same andriod operating system,so if your aim is to join the andriod train for a low amount,i suggest you go with tecno,but you will have a better experienc using samsung,but cost higher

  7. George

    Please i wish to find out whether new techno n3 has yotube? Because i am a phone dealer so i wish to know before i can put them on my shop please thanks. Here is my e.mail for reply. [email protected]

  8. oda

    I rooted my Tecno T3 and I used Titanium Backup to delete the manufacturer launcher.Now,after downliading some applications which I delete already,my tecno T3 always auto unswer to all calls I get.No earphone plug.I’m afraid to factory reset it as NO LAUNCHER shoul come out uf I do so….My phone should be usless…Help!

    • Ige Orhionkpaibima

      I think you should go to setting,language and input,then check if there is anything voice command there,if there is check if its ON,then turn it off,but if there is none,then am afraid you have to do a factory reset

    • Ige Orhionkpaibima

      Hi,Tecno N3 and T3 are both andriod on the same OS ,the only marked difference is on the outlook and the camera.While tecno N3 has only one camera,T3 has both front and back camera.But if u are considering geting one,get N3 or N7,THAT is if you are not interested in P3

  9. Emmanuel okhabu

    My tecno n3 touchscreen has stopped working. I’ve bin 2 d biggest repair centre in lagos, ikeja. And i was told dat n3 has stopped selling. Even d parts for d phone dönt also sell. Am confused rite cos i dnt have any oda option dan 2 wait for a miracle frm God or to throw it away. Pls advice me. Thank u. God bless u.

  10. victor

    hi i gave one of my friend my n3 and phone on security pattern he now press d phone until it enter too much attempt before i gave him dat phone i switch off d data now d phone is locked please help me out this is IMEI no-868523011583327;IMEI NO-868523011583335 S/N:C1N7 TECNO N3 [email protected] PASSWD-VICT0123

  11. Blesnice

    I used my techno N3 phone throughout yesterday only for it to go blank at night. Till now, It doesn’t come on. It bring up the turn-on sound when turned on but remains like that with the sound coming intermittently. Please what can I do?


      As you admire the wonderful things God has made today, remember you’re one of them – wonderful inside and out. You’re blessed. You’re special. You’re loved.

  12. anonymous

    i use tecno n3 and d bluetooth is visible to other device
    when a file is being transfered it wil stop itself
    And it usually writes paired bt nt connected

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