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How To Install Disqus Comment system To Blogger Blog



Disquss is an online comments/interaction platform that helps you form an active community of your blog/website audience. Its unique features stand it out from other comment system like the conventional comment system found in blogger.In a previous post on this site, we talked about the blogger comment system, now we shall dwell on how to install the disquss comment system into your blogger blog.

Before I go fully into how to install disqus into blogger,lets highlight the unique and powerful features of the disqus comment system


To help you keep your community under control, the disqus platform is provided with a moderation system where you have the privilege to approve or disapprove comment to appear on the community.


The disqus comment system is provided with a function to blacklist and white list earing and deserving members of the community. The word restriction tool is also present to make the community user friendly devoid of abusive and insulting comments


The disqus comment system is fully integrated with Facebook and twitter, so members can login, comment and share topics with their social media Friends


Fully embedded with  media service ,so user can embed video,photos right within the comment s


Disqus supports mobile websites to ensure your site mobile users are not left out so they can comment while on the go


You don’t have to lose your existing comments, the disqus system is provided with a tool to help you import your existing site comments unto disqus.
Other basic functions/features include but not limited to Theme customization, profile management, SEO friendly, etc
With these features you would agree with me the disqus comment system is really worth giving a trial. Now to add /install the disqus comment system to blogger, simply follow the highlighted steps below
Navigate to www.disqus.com ,click on disqus for website to  create an account.
Fill in your site and your log in details and then click on proceed/continue.
Upon clicking on continue,you will be taken to an installer page,where you have to choose your site platform.
Now click on set up instructions for blogger.
Then click on add your site name to my blogger site.You should be then be taken to your
 blogger blog account,chose your preferred blog if you have multiple blogs on the same
Select your desired blog and click on ADD WIDGET button.


You are finally done.If all things went well,you should see the disqus widget on your blog by now.
Do you have any question,problem or observation?Lets us know using the comment session below

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