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How To Browse Free On Pc With Glo Bis Wihtout Any paid Software

Earlier in a post I shared on this page shared with you how you can use your airtel Blackberry internet subscription to browse on PC, while I received so many complaints from different corners also got commendation from some who did the right thing and got the stuff working. It’s now the turn of Glo BIS subscribers to enjoy unlimited browsing and downloads on their PC  and any other mobile devices that allows you to create and edit access point manually using their Glo Bis.
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How To Browse With Your Glo Bis On PC

==))) To browse with your Glo Bis on PC, you need a glo 3G internet modem. Alternatively you can use  a universal modem or any other cracked modem.
==))) Insert your Glo modem into the modem if you already have a glo BIS enabled SIM otherwise  subscribe to any of the glo Bis plan of your choice by texting “coweek” to 777 for N400/week plan and text ing”comonth” to 777 for N1400/month plan.
==))) After you successfully subscribe to the glo Bis plan, insert your modem to your PC  and then create a profile  with  the following
Profile Name :Glo BIS
APN  : blackberry.net
Access number*99#
Username : leave blank
Password : leave blank
Don’t know how to create a profile manually? check my previous post on how to manually configure a modem .
==))) Once you are done with the profile,set the newly created profile as default.
==))) Then go to your modem interface to connect with the newly created profile.
That is just the simple trick you need for browse and download unlimitedly on your PC with you glo Bis.

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