How To Add New APN In Techno N3 Andriod Phone

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What Is APN

An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GPRS (or 3G, etc) mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet.
Update to this post….i have a reasonable amount of searcher searching for HOW TO CONFIGURE TECNO N3.This post  in in no way different from HOW TO CONFIGURE TECHNO N3,Just enter your network details and you are good to go
For an android device to make a working data connection, its APN must be configured correctly otherwise you might get error message like “Could not activate cellular data network” or “You are not subscribed to packet data”. Generally for android devices, your cellular network provides the APNautomatically, but if you wish to change or edit your APN, there is an option provided for that.Todays topic is centered on how to change, create or edit  APN on TECHNO N3 android device.

 How Do I Set New APN In Techno N3?

Go to  settings ==> wireless and networks =>> mobile networks ==>>Dual SIM SETTINGS  ==>> APN ==> click the menu button by the left (close to the home button in the center) >> you will see something like “NEW APN” , “restore default” etc …. just choose new APN and enter  your desired network APN and save.
Thats all there is to do

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