How to Add a Comment Policy Box Before Comment Form In Genesis Theme

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The goal and aspiration of every bloggers is to seeing their blog readers leaving behind one or two comment after reading through a post.However, most blog commenter tends to overdo by leaving behind comments which are irrelevant, contains excessive links and all sorts of irrelevant words of advertisement.

Comment spammers are often trying to improve their site’s organic search ranking by creating dubious inbound links to their site. Google has an understanding of the link graph of the web, and has algorithmic ways of discovering those alterations and tackling them.

To help keep these spammer at bay and regulate the kind of comment you get on your blog, it is advisable you let your blog readers, Commenter know of your the policies which regulates your blog commenting system. In this tutorial, I will share with you how you can add comment policy message to your comment session in genesis premium WordPress theme.COMMENT POLICY

Adding comment policy message to genesis comment session will require you to have access to and modify the themes function.php which is quite simple to do. To do this, simply add the following code to the genesis function.php file

/** Add a comment policy box */ add_action( ‘genesis_before_comment_form’, ‘single_post_comment_policy’ ); function single_post_comment_policy() {
if ( is_single() && !is_user_logged_in() && comments_open() ) {
<p><small><h4>Comment Policy:</h4>YOUR COMMENT POLICY MESSAGE.</small></p>
Now replace the highlighted code with your preffered comment policy message.Save/update your file to effect the changes.

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