Recharge Voucher Printing User Guide And Software

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This short piece is for you guys out there seeking financial autonomy. So much if not too much stories has been said/narrated about the recharge voucher printing software/business; How lucrative it is,how risky it is,startingup guides etc.
Yes it can be truly profitable, risky and very easy to kick start with little capital for those wishing to do the business on small scale basis, it all depends on your dedication toward the business, amount of money you are willing to put into the business, amount of time you willing to dedicate to the business amongst other things which can make a business grow.
Ready to give the recharge card printing business a trial? Below are some of the things needed for you to start printing your recharge vouchers.
A computer system preferably a personal computer, though some people make use of café ,I must say it is not a good thing to do. If you can’t afford  a good laptop, you can as well  go for used desktop computer which you can get at affordable rates
A functional printer
Email account plus an internet connection
Bulk pins from your dealers which you will be using to generate your own recharge voucher
A startup capital of not less than N20,000 on small scale
Pin generating software. The Software and the startup capital seem to be the most important of all. There are paid and free software out there, the truth is those free software which the owners gives out for as low as N1000 no longer works because the software company is no longer in the voucher printing business

How Do I Get the Voucher Software

If you are passionate about the business and wish to start the voucher printing business, I advise you get a paid Software, but if you   so wish ,you can google search for free recharge voucher Software, I bet you will get good result ,some offering to give the software out for as high and low as N1000.
You can get the software from me if you order for  one. Upon ordering, your software will be delivered to you with the user manual/package that contains details info you need to no about the business,list of bulk pin sellers etc
If interested ,please contact me through,  [email protected],com.The software goes for just  N5000 for the first fifty person to order from me.

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