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How To Manually Approve Facebook Posts/Pictures You Are Tagged In


Facebook has a lot of interesting and uninteresting features .While those interesting features makes ones experience on Facebook worthwhile, those uninteresting features of Facebook can be become headache and annoying when used excessively by your Facebook friends.
Some of these annoying facebook features include unnecessaryfacebook apps notification, unsolicited Facebook chats, unsolicited Facebookgroup chat, unsolicited Facebook friends request and the likes.
stop facebook photo tagging

Unnecessary photo tagging is one other annoying feature offered by facebook.While Facebook does not allow/give room for one to stop photo  completely, but allow you to receives notifications and manually approve or allow photos you are tagged in. whether you want that tag to appear in your timeline or not.

Follow the steps below to enable manual approval of Photos tag of you.
  • First login to your Facebook account
  • Click on the drop menu close to your Facebook name and home tab
  • Click on privacy setting from the drop down menu
  • Click edit setting next to  timeline and tagging
  • Click on the third option from the resulting pop up window to enable manual approval of photo tagging
You are done.Now whenever you are tagged in a photo by your friends,you will get a notification,you need to approval before it is displayed on your timeline

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  1. That’s insightful. People sometimes tag you without your consent. I already activated it on my account and any picture I am tagged in will go through me before it is publish on my timeline.


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