Many Facebook users would for one reason or the other want to log in to two different facebook account on the same browser..This is made impossible by many website which uses cookies to identify users which are logged in using parameters such as emails, username ,password etc.Facebook is not an exception to some of these websites  which by default do not allow logging in to multiple account at the same time  from one browser
I f you operate multiple Facebook account, you will agree with me that it is so stressful and time consuming logging out of a particular Facebook account only to log in to another with the same browser.
To remove this browser limitation, you need to trick the browsers cookies using the incognito window to open multiple Facebook account. Logging in to multiple Facebook account can be achieved using three different methods;


This is perhaps the easiest and most used method of simultaneously logging IN to multiple Facebook account on the same computer but not on the same browser. I f you have different browsers installed on your computer; you can easily open different browsers to access your multiple Facebook account.


Logging in to multiple Facebook account from the same browser is made easier with Google chrome incognito feature. When used, this feature opens up an entirely new window on the same Brower which you can actually use to log in to another Facebook account. To open incognito windows on chrome, click on the chrome spanner icon or locate the setting of your chrome, then click on NEW ICOGNITO WINDOW, alternatively you can control Ctrl + Shift + N, and this should open a new window with a completely different browsing history.


This Firefox add-on is similar and does the chrome incognito function as described above. Installing this add-on allow you open multiple incognito window on the same browser.
To open a new incognito window on Firefox, right click on a link from your current browsing window and select Open in a New Identity Profile. This should open a new window with a completely different browsing history/session.
NB,,,This trick also works for other  sites like Gmail,yahoo etc

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