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Christmas is on the air and you will be doing your blog visitor/reader good if you make them feel the Christmas effect while on your blog..I have for you two blogger widgets you can use to spice up you blog for the Christmas season.They are the Christmas bell widget and the Christmas count down widget
Here is a screenshot of the the Christmas bell when added to your blog
I assume you already know how to add the java script/html widget to your blog.In case you don’t know you can check it out here
After adding the custom java/html gadget, copy and paste the code below into the gadget ,save and drag to the footer of your blog to reduce load time
The code above will add the Christmas bell to your blog header
To add the Christmas count down widget to your blog,add the java/html widget to wherever you want your count down widget to appear ,the copy pate the code below and save your widget


I hope you love these widgets
If you have more widgets to share, kindly use the comment form to share them with us
Wish you  and you r blog visitors a merry xmas in advance

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