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How To Browse Unlimitedly On Your PC Using Etisalat and Tweakware Proxy


Earlier in  a post i shared on this page,i shared with you how you can use your airtel Blackberry internet subscription to browse on PC,while i received so many complains from different corners,i also got commendation from some who did the right thing and got the stuff working.
Today’s featured post  is on how to browseunlimitedly on your PC using etisalat with Tweakware proxy .Tweakware proxy is a tunneling software  which  gives you anonymity on the internet and at the same time allows you to browse securely on the etisalat network without any need for blackberry subscription and with zero balance.
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Here is how it works
Visit the tweakware website and register for a free account if not already registered.
After registration,go to your email box to confirm your registration.
Log in to you account and  click on the download tab to download  to twaekware proxy v1.
Extract/unzip the downloaded file to your desktop.
Create a new access point with etisalat asapn and connect your modem,make sure you have zero balance.
Launch your tweakware proxy with your username and password and any server and click on connect.
Finally set your browsers/apps to use host and port 8080.
Please note that the trial account no longer work for this free browsing .So for this to work for you,you need to subscribe to the tweakware premium  proxy account.
Upgrade to tweakware premium account and keep flexing for just N1500.Isnt that a small price to pay for unlimited browsing?.
Want the upgrade done for you? contact me using the contact page

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  1. @otobong
    yes its a requirement which you must meet b4 you can install the software,
    google search n download the runtime 4 for window 7 b4 u continue,but b sure u download the one for window 7

  2. thanks for the clarification.But you have refuse to know that tweakware bank payment is N100,and also refuse to recognise that most people dont have liberty reserve
    thanks all the same


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