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Did you or someone else just install a new/fresh version of windows? And somehow along the line discovered you just installed a fake version of the Microsoft windows. Many windows users have at one time or the other been in such situation either because they purchased a fake copy of the windows operating system, or because they entered the product key wrongly. Whatever may be the cause the error message associated with this problem is “This copy of Windows is not Genuine”


To protect your copy of windows ,your pc and to continue running your installed windows smoothly,you must have to authenticate or better stil get a genuine copy of Windows


The first step I will advocate is to ascertain the originality of the copy of windows you bought.If you think you got the genuine windows,then be sure you entered your key correctly,otherwise return to the shop you bought it and ask for refund.As a guide The average price of a copy of Windows is normally around US$150. If you bought it at a price cheaper than that ,then your copy is probably a pirated copy
If you sure your copy of the windows is not genuine,then  REMOVEWHAT is what you need to authenticate your installed window copy


Removewhat is simple and easy to use,search and download the current version of removewhat
Unzip it to a location you can easily access
Close your antivirus software
Run removewhat and click on remove what
Click OK in the pop up window and wait until you get a success message
After that you will be prompted to restart your pc
That is all,after you restart your pc,your window  will be activated and confirmed authentic and genuine

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