Top 10 Free Andriod Music Apps

 If you are an android user or wish to own one in the future and loves music, android has in place alot of apps you can use to spice up your music experience on your android device. Below is my list of apps you can use to manage your music locally. Some of them are available on websites, while others on third party app markets.
It’s a fact almost everyone loves musics.Spinlet,a free music streaming and download android app  brings to the World  the best of African musics.With this free android app,musics enthusiast can buy, listen and  share playlist with other android users
You think you love music? Get spintlet
south africa radio
This is a must have free android app for every South African radio and music lovers. This free android app bring to your android device wide range of South African radio stations making music streaming easier.It features history of last played station, over the air update, favorite playlist and excellent technical support
Jalingo is another free android music streaming app.jalingo lets you stream personalized radio with music from your favorite artist right to your android device free of charges
slacker radio
Slacker radio is a free and fully customizable android app with over 100 programmed radio stations to choose from. To make this free android app more useful, you can create your own special stations from thousand of songs available. The only limitation to this is that you cannot store your favorite slacker station to your android device with the free app; this is only possible with the premium slacker subscription
Winnamp is a simple music and media management app that plays, manage and synchronizes music from your Mac or pc right to your android device. It features wireless desktop sync (latest Winamp Media Player required), iTunes library import, & access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast , Lock-Screen & Widget Players, Playlist & Play Queue Management, artist Info Bios, News & More and also available in 14 Languages
Described by the  New York Times  as “The Cure for iTunes withdrawal” , double twist player is a power android player that Sync music (including iTunes playlists) to your phone from your Mac/PC over USB or AirSync over WiFi,download legal, high-quality album artwork for your music, smart Playlists for easy access to your Top Rated and Most Played songs,subscribe to podcasts without needing a Mac/PC and get new episodes downloaded automatically over 3G or WiFi, stream music, videos and photos to the Xbox 360, PS3, Sonos, and Apple TV (black model; AirPort Express not yet supported).
Double twist player for android is free to download with choice of upgrade for premium users
Popular Music player with feature that allows you to your music playing experience on your android device. Core features supported for free real player for your android include Music, videos and photos all in one place, available in nine languages, optimized graphics for high-res devices, voice commands for search, control playback when phone is locked sharing on popular social media sites, move application to SD card set your favorite song as a ringtone
Headphones controls, auto bookmarking of videos accessing any file format your device supports. Additional features also available for in apt upgrade
Songbird is a nice looking android music player that integrates social medial,lock screen widget ,podcast support ,bluetooth car audio support,playlist management, Audioscrobbler support, video playback plus other features.
With the social media integration,you Follow the artists you love to get their latest videos, photos & more, and build connections with artists that are new to you.
This little app is good for those who drive with their Bluetooth music on or those who listen on headphone with phone next to them and want the phone to list the Track name, Artis and Album, along with the Album Art. This only happens if the phone is locked – Music Popup will unlock the phone, show the track information and then re-lock the phone.
The service can start when the phone does, or you can go into the preferences screen and manually start and stop the service.
This is official music player for android from google.This app lets you shop and listen music on Google play .With Google music player you are sure of been with your music anywhere you go and all your music is stored online so no need to worry about storage space. Music purchases made from Google play automatically appears  and in this app  with option of adding up to 20,000 music from your personal offline library
Don’t forget to share your experience about any of the above or any other free Android music player with us.

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