Blog pinging or website pinging is a way of notifying search engines of updates to you weblog or website. This is necessary to get your blog content get indexed faster by search engine and pull you the much needed traffic. Pinging therefore act as a mediator between your blog content and search engines.
There are so many online tools which can automatically ping your blog to search engines at the push of a button, but only few are totally free, devoid of email subscription and only few have been proven to be effective.
Listed below is my pick of best online pinging tools
Blogpingtool is a totally free and easy to use that notifies over 40 search engines, blogs and rss directories of recent updates to your blog. Top on the list of servers your blog would be sent to include but not limited to Google, Google Feed Burner, Yahoo!, Pingomatic, Weblogs.com, Blo.gs, Syndic8, NewsGator, PubSub.com, .All you need do is submit your blog URL and or your blog rss feed and your blog will be pinged in less than one minute. I use this tool a lot and have proved to be a good one
This is one of my favorite even though their service is no totally free, but with the free service you are sure of your blog beenĀ  pinged to over 30 servers including top rated google,feedburner and Google blog search. They offer a premium service which allow you submit up to 25 URL which will be pinged automatically at interval at a monthly cost of 2usd
Bulkping offer unique service of allowing users to submit more than 10 blog URL at once all for free, but also premium service. I just stumbled on this and so am yet to get full idea of their effectiveness
This has proven to be the best and the most widely used pinging tool on the web .This to me is due to its convenience and ease of use.pingomatic notifies major search engines and even other pingers of recent update to your web page. If am ask to recommend one pinging tool, definitely this would my number one. Everything about pingomatic is free
Feedshark is an online pinging tool that exposes your blog t to different search engines with the push of a button.Interestingly, your podcast and your RSS feed will also be pinged and the whole process takes less than a minute
Pingmyblog does all the hard work of notifying all blog directories of recent updates made to your blog thereby saving you time and increasing the popularity of your blog
NoteĀ  do not spam search engines by using different tools all togrther.I advise you choose one and stick t that
What is your view o the listed blogging tools.Have you been using them?.Lets get your views on this

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