Blogging is fun and exciting only when done the right way and with the right blogging tools. One of the many challenges bloggers face is that of been stock to the computer screen and key pad all day long. But with the right tools and applications, you can take blogging with you while on the go. So in this post I have compiled a list of useful mobile blogging tool/apps compatible with various mobile operating systems. They may not be new to you, but if probably you have neglected them in the past, I encourage you to make full use of them now as they make blogging flexible


This is an android app that let you create and edit your post in visual editor and manage comment while on the move. It supports video and image uploads from youtube, picassa or flickr.The most interesting thing about this app is that it supports all standard font and formatting, you can insert links and photos, all paragraph style, and even adds tag read more, and interestingly it supports blogging on blogger, wordpress and live journal platforms and soon drupal and joomla will be supported


Unlike Blogpost,Wordpress for Andriod supports  only and self hosted  wordpress 3 or higher blogs.It enables you to write/create and edit contents,mangae comments and view your blog stats


This is the official blogger mobile app.With this app from blogger,you can easily manage your blogger blog while on the move.It  is loaded with almost all the feature available on bloggers desktop.


Blogger driod is a simple but loaded  android app which enables you to create,edit,delete and publish blog post,manage comments,select size and quality of video and image upload.schedule post to publish and save post as draft .this app saves the the hassle of been stuck to your PC all day long
As earlier said these apps may not be new to you,so if you have or know of other apps that does wonders for you kindly share them with us

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  1. Backpacking trips

    Don’t worry mate, definitely Nokia will come up with a multi task option in terms of their next establishment concern. These days apps rule the world!

  2. ebima

    @Backpacking trips
    Am confident Nokia will come up with something better in the nearest future.Nokia still remains my best option that is exactly why am looking foward to the next great innovation from them.
    Thanks for the comment

  3. TEFL Jobs China

    How could you predict that exactly? We never know what is going to be Nokia’s next move. They are really capable of giving the best for their customers. They are pretty established company. Anyway these apps look perfect.

  4. open hospitality point of sale

    Be positive ,of course NOKIA is going to bring out something best and good for their customers.Anywayz thanks for the blogging apps

  5. [email protected] campaigns

    Currently I’m maintaining my blogs through Android phone and that’s really great thing can manage blogs through my mobile. So now I have manage blogging opportunity where ever I go such as in the bus, saloon and etc…

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