Keeping your blog updated on a regular basis has been proven to be an effective way to keeping retaining and gaining more blog followership, but one of the major problems most bloggers face is that of generating new blog post or ideas. Coming up with great blog ideas is usually not a big deal the pro bloggers, except for the new bloggers who find it difficult to pencil down new blog post on a regular basis. Presented here are a few tips on how and where you can get your blog post ideas.


If you will succeed and become an authority in your chosen Niche, it is good and advisable you have a list of blogs in the same niche with your blog. Regular visit to these blogs will open to you whole lots of topic on different categories from where you can extract your own blog post topic and then developing on them. This should not however be mistaken for plagiarism or illegal theft of someone’s blog post


Face book and other social media is increasingly becoming part of our every day life. With over 950 million monthly active users on facebook, it is not so uncommon seeing people of like mind forming a group where they share ideas, and solve each other’s problem. You can tap from their wealth of ideas by been part of such groups ,possibly provide short term solution to problems and then hinge your next blog post on providing solution to those problems


Sometimes when you get stuck and run out of topic and not just inspired to write about anything, visiting a forum find a question been asked, discussion, look around the forum section to see what interest you that you can probably turn into a blog post. There are several forums out there you can join that will benefit you .You can do a Google search of forums on your niche to choose which to join and participate


Engaging friend with meaningful conversation discussion can sometime be useful when it come to generating blog topic. This form of discussion should be targeted at achieving your own aim i.e. the aim of getting something you can make a post out of. Even free discussion without the aim of getting a blog post most at time ends up been the most useful. All you got to do to tap from is is to be at alert all the time



Without much ado, if you are passionate about your chosen niche, then coming up with Radom blog post should not be too cumbersome. Examine yourself, and consider those things you are zealous about that you can tell people more on. If however you still ca not tap into this, I suggest you look into other points listed above
These are just a few of so many ways you can get/generate blog topics. If however you know of other ways one can generate blog topics, please feel free to share with us using the comment box below

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