Just within the space of three months we have heard of so many online accountsthat have been hacked and a whole lot more are on the verge of falling prey to hackers in the nearest future. Only a few weeks back, it was the story of Mat Honah whose entire online presence was lost to great hackers.

But just how do you protect your online account from these notorious hackers?. In a post I featured sometime ago I highlighted some few, but important steps to take in order to protect your yahoo account which I hope you found useful

This article will focus on how you can add an extra layer of protection to you Google account using the Google two step verification


 Two step verification [also called two factor authentication] adds another layer of protection to your online account. With two step verification enabled, you or would be hackers would need to take two steps to gain access to your Gmail account. In addition to your regular password, you will need a six digit code that gets sent to your phone immediately whenever you attempt log in. This means a hacker can’t break into your account even if they have hold of your password. They need your phone also

1.To get started, login to your Google account and navigate to the two stepverification page

2. From the drop down menu select the country of your mobile operator

Enter you or your cell phone number

3. Select from the option of receiving the code by sms or voice call

4. Then click send to receive a verification code on your mobile

5. Enter your six digit verification code into the box provided and click verify

6. Confirm if you want the computer to remember your code. Do not tick if on a shared computer

7. Click on turn on two step verification to finish the process .You will be then taken to your setting page where you have the option of editing your setting

That’s all

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