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Bulk SMS marketing is of of the most increasing and most popular marketing tool used by emerging businesses who seek to gain access  to a larger portion of  their demographic.Unfortunately,inspite of its numerous advantages,this marketing tool is still been under utilised in Nigeria.If you are a business owner who seek to elevate the customers base of your business  and enhance your business brand and product the top bulk SMS sites below offers cheap SMS  services which can be of help to increasing your business customers base
BBN SMS  Browser based Nigeria allows customers to send bulk and personalised sms to all gsm networks in Nigeria and to 800 networks in over 150 countries worldwide.BBN SMS  offers free sms to customers on registration and their prices is as low as one naira per sms
OGBONGE SMS  Ogbonge sms is own  and managed by by a Nigerian pro blogger Jide ogunsanya.Offers free registration and price is as low as #1.50 per SMS
SMS TORRENT      SMS torrent  provides high performance  web to mobile SMS   and offer SMS for as low as #1.30 .For a complete SMS torrent pricing package,check on the price link
IGBOTIC SMS Igbotic sms  offers global web based bulk sms service  to over 500 thousand networks.Igbotic SMS is well positioned to deliver the fastest and  most reliable SMS  compared to other bulk SMS providers.They credit customers with three free instant SMS credit on registration.Prices varies and ranges from #1 to 1.50kobo

OCEAN SMS Ocean SMS allows users to reach over 50 million people via simple, fast and personalised   bulk SMS to all networks in Nigeria

50 KOBO SMS.With a wide coverage of over 200 countries and over 500 networks, 50 kobo sms guarantee the best and cheapest bulk sms  solution ever.pricing is as low as 0.99 kobo for cooperate bodies and as low as 2 naira for individual pack

247 BULK SMS 247 bulk sms is a well established  sms company whose core solution is  providing bulk sms ,brand awareness campaign,toll free SMS,epayment solution ,e consultancy etc.Prices of bulk sms ranges from 0.8 kobo to one naira ,making it one of the cheapest bulk sms provider in Nigeria .check out their cheap pricing option

234 sms  234 sms  delivers fast and reliable  bulk sms messaging to Nigeria and the rest of the world.Pricing is relatively low and depends wholely on quantity of  SMS you intend to purchase.

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  1. Anonymous

    @ anonymous,its easyier said than done.And for the fact that everyone cannot be into it,that is y u are not in it.learn to appreciate

  2. Steve Wilson

    Very good article. Its really a huge plus in convenience when shopping is easy to access in phone and my favorite is Deal hunting. Its just awesome isn’t it? If your a business, you can also update your customers real time through your Text Marketing campaign.

  3. Eniola Adewale

    Have you tried A trial shall surely convince you.

    Eniola Adewale


  4. Mr.Kenakis

    smscity365 is the most effective, efficient and reliable cheapest bulk sms in nigeria which sells @ the rate of N0.79kobo/ unit and delivers in less than 5seconds…A trial will certainly get you convinced.

  5. Whely messages

    This blog is representing the real information about bulk messages sites. I like such article which is related to the real world.

    • Ime

      Hahaha… I just read through this and my eyes caught this. I have actually used this site. And yes, i was glad i did. The messages deliver immediately and it is cheap too

  6. Linkon sms

    Generally Bulk sms has become the most effective, cheap and reliable means o f communication, advertising, marketing, campaigning etc. due to its low cost, immediate delivery and targeting ability. People may ignore your advert on TV and Newspaper but can never ignore your text message advert in their GSM phones. Get amazing Bulk SMS services from us, buy sms as low as 1.20kobo per unit, we charge 1 unit per sms sent to all networks in Nigeria. Our website is user friendly with a secured online payment system and 24/7 customer care service. Login to to register and start enjoying our cheap but efficient and reliable bulk sms service.

  7. Bulk SMS Whely

    There are different providers for bulk sms gateway in India and so marketers have wide variety to choose from. Different providers offer different plans and so depending on the requirements, marketers can choose from.

  8. eBulkSMS

    Beyond just sending SMS from the web, ebulksms provides a mobile site for you to send SMS together with a rich XML and JSON API.
    There are far more useful features available, so much that all invalid numbers are automatically filtered out to prevent excessive billing.

  9. Michael

    NetbulkSMS is that specialize in personalized messages with dynamic sender ID, we have made names in bulk sms business that is why we are master in our field. We have professional workers working day and night to provide the most suitable service to our client all over the country.

    Looking for Bulk sms Nigera, We are expert in terms of bulk sms service for your campaign, notifications/alerts etc try us today and you will be satisfied with the service that will be rendered to you by our professional workers. Visit us today for the best service.

    Are you looking for cheap bulk sms provider ? We are all you need, we have been into bulk sms business over the years that is why our customers always recommend us to others.
    Thousands of happy customers can never be wrong. Why not try us today.

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