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“Tired of all these coat, birth month, horoscope on Fb I Will start deleting people of my Fb page”, that is  the exact Facebook update of a   friend of mine recently. Are you one of those whose Facebook page/wall is been flooded with notifications from all sorts of applications? Well worry no more because you just found a way of putting a stop to those apps notifications. Just follow the few steps highlighted below and be out of that mess
To block an app you have been using
Log in to your Facebook account and click the drop down menu  beside HOME at the upper right corner of the Facebook screen
From the drop down, select privacy setting
Click on edit button located beside the Ads, Apps and Websites
On clicking the edit button, you see a list of all the apps you have been using
To block all you existing ads, select Turn off  all apps.
To block a list of selected applications, select Remove unwanted or spammy apps. and click the x button close to  the apps you wish to block
To block an app you haven’t received a request from:
Navigate to your privacy setting as described above,
 Click on manage blocking located to the left of Blocked People and Apps,
In the block apps section, type in the app name and automatically it will be blocked
TO block apps invite from friends
To stop receiving apps invitation from any of your friends who you know is in the habit of sending you apps   invitation,
 Navigate to your privacy setting
 Click on manage blocking located to the left of Blocked People and Apps,
 In the block apps invite section type in the person name
To unblock  friend/s, or apps simply navigate to the blocked apps and people on the privacy page  ,then type in the person name or the apps name ,then they will automatically be unblocked
That is all you have to do
Now you can now enjoy your most needed freedom on Facebook without unnecessary notifications
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