In one of my previous post,i shared with you how you can opt out of Facebook group chat.Today i have brought yet another good news to you.Now you can now choose to go offline to all your facebook friends or some of them even while you are online so you can do what your have to do without friends disturbing you with chat messages
To go offline to your friends,all you have to do is contained in the few and simple steps below

Login to your facebook account

Scroll down to the button right hand corner of your screen where where the chat side bar is located and click on the gear icon there

This will pop out a window as seen below

Click on GO OFFLINE and u will be notified that you are  now offline

To  go online again  click on the go online as seen on the image above

This steps only apply if you are to turn off Facebook chat for the whole of  your Facebook friends.To turn off Facebook chat for a specific friend, simply do the following

Open a chat window ,but do  not start chatting and click on the gear icon on  the top right hand corner of the chat window

Click on go offline to st john
Now you are now offline to that particular friend .To go online to that friend again,follow the same procedure and click on go online to st john

That is all you need to do to go offline

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